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With a Dutch/English speaking guide we drive through the National Park of Galicica, we drive through rough terrain with wonderful viewpoints, being able to see both the Ohrid and Prespa lake.

The National park is known for its wonderful flora and fauna with endem plants, rich forests and wide fields. At the sheepfold we stop for a coffee break.

The lunch will be prepaired at a mountainhouse in the National Park Galicica. After lunch we leave the park to the north side of Ohrid.

The entire route is 40km.



Just outside Ohrid, we will visit an extinct volcano, the drive is through a lovely green scenery with small streams and rivers. On the way, we will visit an old fashioned launderette where the laundry is washed and bleached with spring water. We continue our trip to an almost deserted mountain village, the only inhabitants a couple of old people and sheperds.

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We will visit a mountain village where tourism is not yet known, an idyllic village with a beautiful view over Lake Ohrid and the National Park, Galicica. First, we will take a walk outside the village through the National Park Galicica

On our return to the village we will visit a family who lives in a house with a stunning view. We will prepare lunch together with them. This will give you the chance to see how typical Macedonian dishes are prepared. The food is prepared in a primitive way in stone ovens. Whilst the food is cooking it is possible to taste some local specialties (food and drink).

For those who wish, it is possible to try on the local costume etc. This gives wonderful photo opportunities! During the meal you will be entertained by live musicians playing old Macedonian music. This excursion gives you the opportunity to experience all of what Macedonia has to offer: culture, nature, mystery and fascination.



Through the border crossing St. Naum we drive to Pogradec. We feel directly the difference between the 2 countries we visit the center and have a coffee break. From Pogradec we drive south about 40 km inland towards the famous city of Korca. We stay here about 90 minutes and visit the city with its great contrasts.

From Korca we say goodbye to civilization and driving over the mountain pass towards rural areas of Albania where time has stood still. Here you can taste the real Albania. We have lunch in a restaurant in one of the villages. We walk through the village and have contact with the local friendly people, where the word tourism is still unknown. Then we drive to the Macedonian border crossing direction Prespa region. About the National Park Galicica we drive to Ohrid.



We drive by van from the village Pestani to the nearest mountain village Elsani.

We take a look at the village and after that we walk through mountain villages, some of them inhabited, some of them hardly inhabited and some of the fully abandoned.

During your walk you enjoy the magnificent views at the lake of Ohrid and the beautiful mountains of national park Galicica. The lunch will be a packed lunch.



The national park Galicica, who has beautiful panoramic views, we descent to the Lake Prespa and make short stop in the village Stenje. For the means of arriving to the uninhabited island Golem Grad we'll use a boat. This island is few hundred meters from the border between the border of Albania and Greece. The island is locally know as the "Island of snakes and birds". Pelicans are abundant on the island. Sometimes they can be spotted in large groups. On the island are evident traces of old civilizations.

The island will make you feel like you are "Robinson Crusoe"

The lunch will be at the island as a packed lunch.



Through Ohrid we drive Bitola, we pass two passes. We explore the center of Bitola with its beautiful architecture with mainly Renaissance style also known as consular city.
We will visit the Old Bazaar with its picture shops. Everywhere you can still see the old glory of the European culture, architecture etc. We have lunch in Bitola. Then we visit the ancient city Hereclea near Bitola with its beautiful mosaics. After Heraclea we drive to the Prespa lake and visit several small villages. We walk in these villages and visit a museum with costumes. This museum has the largest collection of costumes in Macedonia. We leave this village and drive back to Ohrid from the coast of the Prespa lake through the National Park Galicica with beautiful view to the Ohrid lake.



Round trip to National Park Mavrovo, the biggest park in the Balkans. Along the way we will visit several cities and picturesque mountain villages, the road is through mountain and deep gorges. First stop is the colorful city of Debar where several thousand people live. Second stop is the famous monastery St. Jovan Bigorski, still inhabited by monks. It is well known for its woodcarvings and rich history. We will visit some more villages, lunch will be near Lake Mavrovo (also known as a ski resort), finally we will visit some sheepfolds and we will drive back to Ohrid.



We travel from the village Pestani along the most beautiful coast of Lake Ohrid with high cliffs and a view of the National Park Galicica. Our destination is the convent of St. Naum. The monastery is a thousand years old. Saint Naum, one of the highest clerics of this region is buried there. We will visit the biggest springs with a boat. It's a great place with sandy beaches and terraces. On the way back we will stop at St. Zaum, a seven hundred year old church that can be only reached by boat. It's a mystical place where under the high cliffs we will have a barbecue.



We will make a visit at 3 mountain villages which all are different from each other by their location, religion and myth. We first make a visit at one of the highest mountain villages and will drink coffee with the locals in their garden. Like almost all villages this one also has a church, but with a very interesting myth. The most populair village is Vevcani which is the second village we will visit. It’s famous because of the springs. Vevcani has only orthodox Christian inhabitants. We will have a very extensive lunch here in one of the best national restaurants. After a short visit at the third and last village which inhabitants are only muslims, we drive back to Ohrid.



This trip is only suitable for persons with a good physical condition. It includes climbing on the highest top of the mountain Galicica, at 2245 m above sea level. The view from the top is breathtaking, from that spot you can see the two lakes Lake Ohrid and Lake Prespa, also a large part of Albania and small Greece. On this adventure we might see wild goats, eagles and other wild animals. There are also remains of I-st World War trenches, and unique flora.



We are leaving Pestani and by mini-van we will drive to the nearest mountain village Elsani.

We make a short walk in the center and will continue with donkeys. Every donkey has his owner who will be constantly with him. We will visit the medieval village Konjsko almost 4 km further and 1.300 m above sea level. The village is almost abandoned and ruined. Those few people remaind still live as modest as you can just imagine. The contrast of the two villages is enormous.

We will have a lunch in Gorno Konjsko. After the lunch we will go back via Elsani where the mini-van is waiting to bring you back to your accommodation.

Individual Tour

individual-tourDo you wish to explore and to travel around Macedonia, but individually on your own, instead of in a group? That is possible with us! With your own vehicle or one of our car rentals, and a map and written directions, you can start your journey.

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Out of the regular program we offer a variety of services such as:

  • Paragliding
  • Scuba Diving
  • Cycling
  • Combination of regular program with excursions suited to your wish...

The days planned for the excursions are flexible, according to your needs and participants number. Also it's possible few excursions to take place in same day.